For Chang, too many cooks didn’t spoil the broth


For Chang, too many cooks didn’t spoil the broth

It is only seldom that students are inspired to study everything they can in the world, and when they are hit with this inspiration, society makes them stick to one thing. Hayoung Chang, however, is a pleasant exception. Chang has an interest not only in arts and sciences but also in sports and general exploration of other avenues – and she does everything in her power to keep up with all of her interests.


“I was just so interested in so many different areas that I didn’t want to focus on just my math and science classes,” said Chang. “I wanted to throw myself into different experiences.”


Before admitting herself as a pharmacy student at the Northeastern University, Chang was a student in the Daegu International School. She was, unsurprisingly, voted to become the class president. How she managed to do this is still a mystery, but Chang was a member of the school band, got herself working for extracurricular activities and students’ organisation, and lastly – but not the least – she was a passionate member of an organisation for animal protection. She was usually seen spreading awareness about the evils done on animals, such as animal testing, and urged others to speak up against it. She’d even took classes on Sabre, after watching the South Korean fencing team at the London Olympics in the year 2012.


Chang became really popular in her school when she whipped out her own television show called ‘Chang Chat’. She somehow even got it to play her ‘show’ on the school’s own broadcasting system. “I would choose a topic, like favourite music, and go around school interviewing students,” she mused. “The younger students were so excited to be on camera, and the principal always wanted to be part of the show.”


Chang has also interned for a while in a psychology lab, where she was motivated to explore pharmacology. One day, while working, she came across an article on PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and the associated pharmacological treatments that can be used to treat it. She managed to write an excellent research paper on PTSD, which was highly acknowledged, not to mention also published in the National High School Journal of Science.


Now that she’s at Northeastern, Chang is pretty focused on her pharmacy studies. However, that didn’t stop her from going on to choose unique and totally different electives. “In high school, a lot of my classes were in science and math,” Chang stated, “and coming here for school is a big change, but getting to take all these electives is pretty cool.”


Pranjali Wakde

pranjali wakde

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