Integrating sustainability in the bottom lines

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Integrating sustainability in the bottom lines

“Sustainability is one of the most compelling and urgent issues that we have facing us today,” Diane MacGillivray, Senior Vice President for University Advancement, at Northeastern University said in her welcome remarks in a “Women Who Inspire” conference held at the same.


While sustainability is vital for our survival on this planet, it can also be integrated in the business models to make a brand name. Environmental sustainability not only helps the environment, but it also gives a company a reputation which can be translated into profits.


Consumers prefer to be associated with the brands which are more socially responsible and contribute towards sustainable development. Sustainability, environmental awareness, wildlife preservation, these are the causes people recognise and associate with. Any business contributing towards these activities automatically comes under the good graces of the consumers.


Green Industries is the upcoming trend. Businesses and corporations who work towards preserving the environment by adopting green and environmental friendly practices would be a part of this. These would include green energy, innovative manufacturing methods, eco-friendly products, etc.


Years ago, environmentalism was considered a four-letter-word for companies, the purview of dreadlock-donning hippies and “tree huggers.” But Reed said in the last 10 years, “the space has undergone a 180 transformation.”


Installing green practices in your organisation might seem like a heavy expense, but it is just a one-time investment. Once being used, these practices would actually cut costs in the long run, while simultaneously preserving the environment and building a good reputation for the company. It is not just about the customers, even the employees would feel more motivated to be working in an environmentally responsible organisation. They would feel more fulfilled because they would be working towards something worthwhile which would in turn, boosting up their morale.


Anushka Singh

Anushka Singh
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