The historians of the University


The historians of the University

Northeastern University is always teeming with enthusiastic and active students, always working on one or other projects or activities, including research projects, service projects, art installations, co-ops and what not. The ones to capture all of this and make them into unforgettable memories are two talented photographers – Matthew Modoono and Adam Glanzman.


Right from covering Beanpot games, to thousands of campus events, from Gallery 360 exhibits to opening ceremonies, these two guys never stop. Basically, each and every Northeastern happening will see Modoono and Glanzman lurking around the venue. They are so integrated with the Northeastern that every cranny and nook reminds them of photographs they took at that place. Modoono is the photo manager while Glanzman is the staff photographer of the University – they can be, quite literally, said to be the most prolific historians of the University.

“We’re the eyes of the university,” Modoono said. “We take a lot of pride in that. Really, it’s an honour to show people Northeastern through our eyes.”

Before working individually, they now work side by side. Discussing a photo is something they take very seriously; it is exactly like how people talk about sports. It is, obviously, no wonder that these historians’ work has got national recognition, including participating in contests conducted by the University Photographers Association of America. More than sixty awards are now adorning their houses and that too in just their two academic years.


What makes their photographs so appealing is the fact that their photos capture and tell the stories of the people at the University. By now, almost all of the University recognises them, from the past shoots or from any event that takes place there. “What Adam and I do is capture the history of the university,” Modoono said. “It’s really powerful to think that these photos will be looked at generations from now after we’re long gone.”


Pranjali Wakde

pranjali wakde

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