Books and business: Sleek e-books or bulky hardcovers?


Books and business: Sleek e-books or bulky hardcovers?

With everything just a phone’s click away there are many new ventures to the hobby of reading books. With easy to download and carry features EPUBs, Pdfs, docx have gained a lot of popularity among the readers. What’s more, some of these services are completely free of cost except the internet charges. However, the technology can never surpass the content provided by a physical book. For starters, there is no smell of the old, dusty pages that enchant the readers. The emergence of Kindle, Davidson and Wattpad like interfaces have always started arguments amongst the traditional readers and the e-readers.


Deborah Davidson, an accomplished artist, curator and teacher from Northeastern University; thinks that there can be a middle ground in this tussle. She says,

“There is something profound about the object of a book, which has remained unchanged for centuries. The book as a container of ideas, narrative, images and text is ever compelling for artists, designers and writers — for those who critique and understand culture. I personally embrace both. I think the two worlds have to co-exist.”


Ebooks are definitely gaining popularity. Even the orthodox readers find it difficult to deny that ebooks are better in terms of accessibility, management, stocking and maintenance. The book communities and clubs all around the world find it easier to share their favourite books if they are in form of ebooks. At the same time the popular cafe houses are bustling with book enthusiasts peeping into each other’s copies and gossiping happily.


At the end of the day it is as Davidson said. The two worlds are mutually co-existing and growing. Technology does have an effect on hard copies as well right from better prints to digitally designed beautiful covers. For a hobby reader like me, it is a golden age to live in. You get the best of both worlds!



Shraddha Patil

shraddha patil
shraddha patil

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