Are books a dying breed?

Books can be an escape from reality and a path to it at the same time

A 2016 Pew Research Center study found that more than 25 percent of adults in the U.S. had not read a book in the past year.

“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has no pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid”, quotes Jane Austin, whom the dean of libraries Daniel Cohen, would take on a world journey with and listen to her talk about her understanding of people. In an article by Jason Kornwitz of Notheastern University, Cohen talks about his reading habits and how he developed his interest in reading.


Reading is undoubtedly one of the best habits a person can claim to have. It not only stimulates brain activity, but also helps in reducing stress, develop analytical skills, expand vocabulary, not to mention that they can be a retreat after a long day, opening to the reader a world of their own. They give a boost to your imagination. It is rightly said that a child who reads grows up to be an adult who thinks. Parents need to set an example for their children by reading books themselves so that the children learn by example, and not think of reading as something that is forced upon them. They need to enjoy it and see reading as an experience rather than a chore they have to finish before going to bed.


Now-a-days, we have books in every format. We have got hard copies, e-books, and audiobooks which only make books more easily available to the readers. You can listen to an audiobook on your way to work or while you go for a run, you can read on the go on an e-reader and would not have to carry space consuming books on a vacation, or you can simply snuggle in with a good old paperback, because nothing can actually beat the smell of an old book and coffee on a rainy day.


Anushka Singh

Anushka Singh
Anushka Singh

Just a girl making her way through the world with a good book and coffee, trying to be insane in a world struck on the idea of sanity.

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