Now you don’t have to regret that dress you bought in a sour mood!

Now you don’t have to regret that dress you bought in a sour mood!

Are you an impulsive shopper? Do you ever regret what you bought at the heat of the moment? According to statistics, probably not! A new research found that customers who shop while angry are more likely to be happy later. So, that new dress isn’t really a waste.


Alexander DePaoli is an associate teaching professor of marketing at the Northeastern University. He, along with his and researchers from the University of Miami and Northwestern University conducted six studies and showed a trend: angry shoppers are more likely to stick to their product goals. According to DePaoli these can actually lead them to make better, easier and satisfying decisions. However, getting mad doesn’t persuade you to go buy things. But if one is already in the market for a fast cellphone, and then something else gets you all raged, with the opportunity to purchase a fast cellphone, you are less likely to get distracted by any other options. Anger gives you laser focus for the original feature you came for and the ability to ignore out the ones you did not come for. Yes, marketers may try to lure you since sales happen only when you believe that you need something more and better. You might come to the store for a simple clock, but the more expensive, heavy one is bound to last much longer. Now you are confused!


The heavy wall clock might be indestructible, but DePaoli says,“choosing a product in line with your goals is not the same as choosing the absolute best product. The absolute best product won’t actually suit your needs. You came for something simple. A sales person sweeping in at just the right time could make you forget that, but if you’re in a sour mood, you’re less likely to derail”. But not only that. You’ll also be more satisfied with your decision in the long run. After participants in one of the researchers’ studies were offered a choice of either cookies or cash that amounted to the same value, regardless of the perk they chose, says DePaoli, “angry participants were happier.”


Happy angry shopping folks!


Shahjadi Jemim Rahman


Shahjadi Rahman
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