This is how immigrants affect the economy

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This is how immigrants affect the economy

We always pay less concern to the immigrants who move into our country. They are thought to bring a negative impact on the economy of a particular country. People think immigration causes job losses in their country.


Communities and nations that are welcoming to immigrants are more likely to realise the benefits of immigration. Luis Dau, a Northeastern University professor of international business and strategy, believes in the importance of the welcoming of immigrants. If we think that immigrants are not good for us, or that we don’t need them, then we will never consider them useful. They should be properly put into suitable jobs according to their capabilities.


After huge numbers of immigrants helped fuel the American economy at the turn of the 20th century, a change in policy was enforced by the 1924 Johnson-Reed Act, which banned or restricted immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe as well as Japan. If the emigrants are high productivity workers, for example, tech workers during the tech boom, per capita GDP could increase, and overall that would be a good thing. But if the immigrants either don’t work or don’t increase productivity, the losses would be a drain on GDP per capita.


Unexpected opportunities are created when locals are responsive to immigrants and their new points of view. Ideas are exchanged. Businesses are launched. Immigration transfuses and helps regenerate the economy. The economic arguments in favor of immigration are that it reduces costs, causing prices to drop, and freeing up resources to be used elsewhere. Dau says,


“I do think it’s important to have processes where you’re ensuring that people with serious criminal records are not coming in. You need to consider those aspects, to maximize the positives, and minimize the negatives.”


The above-stated lines are true because, immigrants come with both productive and destructive ideas, making it important to filter out the negatives and let the positive part of the immigrants help our economy grow.


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