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Child safe ad policy on YouTube ?

Recently, YouTube came up with a new advertising policy for its viewers, also keeping in mind the children who might come across something that may be inappropriate for their age. But, the child safe ad policy designed by YouTube raises the question of how it is going to affect the viewership of the kids- will it be affected negatively or not? This policy is going...

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Oliver Homberg and Matt Alto are doing something not many would think of doing their whole lives. What might that be? These Northeastern University’s graduates are proud founders and owners of Boston Microgreens. They started as freshmen farmers, with little or close to the non-existent farming experience. By now though, they are selling heaps and trays of leafy greens to not only home cooks but...

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It certainly feels like Despacito was released recently, when in fact, it completed two years in January. Not only did it top the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, but it also came rather close to being the longest-running no. 1 song. While it didn’t win the title, but it did tie with Mariah Carey’s 1995 hit song ‘One Sweet Day’ for most of the time.   Northeastern University’s...

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