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Not everyone thinks of comics as a medium for literacy; it is more like a medium of entertainment. However, John Jennings is not everyone. He very much believes in the authenticity of comic books or even graphic novels. According to Jennings, “Reading and writing are two different modes of literacy and so are comics”. Who is he, you might wonder? Well, Jennings is an illustrator...

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Raina Levin, as people her age usually are, was confused about her path after college. Her first year was spent on thinking about where she will not only get a proper education but will also be motivated to explore new avenues, in the world and inside of her as well. She, obviously, settled on Northeastern University. She did apply to many schools, all of them...

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Writing is always a process of discovery—I never know the end, or even the events on the next page, until they happen. There’s a constant interplay between the imagining and shaping of the story. —Kim Edwards You never know, your late- night scribblings could turn out to be your best quotes for someone else, a famous book or a collection of poetry of those late- night vibes....

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