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These days, fake news has cracked open the trust that one places in a society or a community. It is inevitable to completely take out the roots of the spread of misinformation. In times of social media and internet facilities, people are easily ‘catfished’ and driven by the spread of fake news, rumour, gossips, etc. The surge of fake news is higher in case of...

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Gordana Rabrenovic, an associate professor of Sociology and Education at Northeastern University, and the associate director of the Brudnick Center on Violence and Conflict, discussed about the riots that erupted in London and throughout England earlier exposing a broad discontent among Britain’s disadvantaged youth. She raised her strong opinions on what caused the riots and why the young people in Britain turned to violence.   The reports...

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Donald J. Trump wasn’t the favourite choice as the president of the United States of America, as the crowds gathered across the nation in Election Day, to protest the election of Donald J. Trump. These weren’t the only sociopolitical movements we’ve seen in recent years, nor are they without historical precedent. Sarah J. Jackson, an assistant professor of Communication Studies and an expert in the...

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