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Alan Mislove

Northeastern University’s Computer Sciences professor, Alan Mislove, came up with a unique idea for an app. He didn’t stop there, however. He actually made the app come true. It’s called ‘Friendlist Manager’ and makes your social network experience much easier and hassle-free.   What it does is use the concept of network information to study the friends in your list and how they are, in turn, connected...

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A woman being a CEO of a leading company of fashion and luxury products is a big deal, but Maureen Chiquet was more than just that. She might be the former global CEO of Chanel now, but her whole life – professional and personal – is a perfect example of how women should defy societal as well as gender roles. From being a literature major...

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Northeastern University saw Katherine Boo speak about her book, Behind the Beautiful Forevers. She is a Pulitzer Prize winner and a staff writer at The New Yorker since 2003. The students and the other members of the Northeastern Community heard her resourceful insights about the people, places, and inequalities in India. India is actually the inspiration behind her book.   The book was included in the University’s...

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