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Alan Mislove

Northeastern University’s Computer Sciences professor, Alan Mislove, came up with a unique idea for an app. He didn’t stop there, however. He actually made the app come true. It’s called ‘Friendlist Manager’ and makes your social network experience much easier and hassle-free.   What it does is use the concept of network information to study the friends in your list and how they are, in turn, connected...

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Northeastern University gives its students very interesting co-op opportunities before their graduation. For example, James Morrison Klein got a six-month international co-op in France and recently returned after gaining invaluable information as well as the much-needed confidence from being a software developer in Copass. It is a startup in Paris and can be labelled as a global membership network that gives access to its users...

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Alfred Brownell is an honorary and distinguished Scholar in Residence at the Northeastern University, studying law. He was first forcefully driven out of Liberia when he was fighting to protect the forestland. The issue was the Liberian government and palm oil companies planning on deforesting the lands for their establishment, which led to Brownell working hard to protect critical land rights globally. “They made a...

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