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The field of psychology can explore the human mind and provide an understanding of human behaviours. It can also interpret actions, emotions, and attitudes through the changes that occur throughout an individual, as they move through different stages of life. This human behaviour, according to the scientists of Northeastern University is 93 per cent predictable.   Albert-László Barabási, a professor of Physics, studies that although human behaviour...

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Physical exercise

Life revolves around our eating habits. A proper diet and physical exercise helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Though many people are aware of this, they still lack understanding it and are unable to motivate themselves in actually doing it.   This condition becomes a bit severe in the case of patients suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). It is an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks...

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Meditation boosts compassion

The word ‘meditation’ stems from the Latin word ‘meditatum’ meaning ‘to ponder’. The history of India is commemorated for recording the practice of Dhyāna or Jhāna (the training of mind) dating back to around 1500 BCE. Meditation is a pure, delicate, authentic, disciplined, and pious method of training one’s mind through utter concentration and practice to achieve complete calmness over the mental and emotional health of the...

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