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Back in the year 2011, one of Northeastern University’s beloved students received the Gideon Klein Award for the years 2011-2012. Emili Kaufman got the award for her exceptional analysis of the artwork of Felix Nussbaum. He was a surrealist painter of German origin, who was killed in one of the Nazi concentration camps in 1944 at Auschwitz.   It was actually put forth to honour Gideon Klein...

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Tara I. Allen, Candace Cain, and Linda (Jarrett) Cohn – graduated in Law in ’98, ’83, and ’97 respectively – beloved once-students of Northeastern University, have now established their own law trifecta in the Western District of Pennsylvania, at the Federal Public Defender’s Office. All of them were unknowingly attracted to Pittsburgh, the Steel City. While Cohn and Cain do belong to this area, Allen...

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