Author: Luvpreet Singh

leading a healthy lifestyle

While this new obsession with gyms and fitness centers has taken everybody’s undivided attention, some people still tend to go the old-school way about leading a healthy lifestyle. They believe working out in the open is far more efficient and beneficial for all-around health development of the human body. But how different is it from an intensive gym session?   The scientists and psychologists of the Northeastern...

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Leaf peeping wonders

Amidst our super busy lives, we all like to grab a cup of coffee and stare at the sky for a couple of moments in the evening. A song from your favorite playlist makes that time even more worthwhile. Some people even have a forte of capturing the wonderful sceneries on cameras and phones. Their hunger for aesthetics keeps them exploring new places around the...

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summer in boston

Planning to spend the summer in the capital city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts? Well, you aren’t going to regret it for sure, considering the art of merrymaking and leisure Boston carries.   It is the most populous city in Massachusetts yet, one of the most beautiful in the world. It has always been an important port and a manufacturing hub as well as a center for...

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