A complex system can be your body and internet too!

complex system

A complex system can be your body and internet too!

In an era dominated by the biggest and most complex system of technologies, it becomes difficult to control these complicated mechanisms. The controllability of giant complex networks has been a subject of intense study worldwide. Only when one is able to determine the nature of control parameters, one can engage in solving the complexity.


Albert-László Barabási, a world-renowned scientist and a professor of Physics and Biology at Northeastern University conducted research with his team on how control over complex systems can be obtained with the help of network science and control theory. This research benefitted in understanding the complex engineering and biological systems which were followed by a bigger scope in drug discovery and treatment of each minute piece of the system.


On his research Barabási says,

“This could potentially generate more efficient metabolic pathways, with applications in developing cures to metabolic diseases”


The entire point behind building a system is not just taking control but also taking charge of it. Cellular and social networks are controlled by mathematical tools and are bought towards the desired state. This is attained through algorithms that detect driver nodes and connection points which when tamed can bring the system under control. By analysing the functioning of these driver nodes, one can determine the structural controllability of the network.


According to Barabási, networks with more driver nodes are easier to control. Such networks include online social sites that have a huge number of connections. On the contrary, biological and communication networks are difficult to control.


The result of this research can potentially open future directions for controlling multiple species and plant lineages by identifying a common set of enzymes in them. Also, it can help in several analytical developments such as networks in networks, multilevel networks, and interdependent networks.


Akshara Palshetkar

Akshara Palshetkar
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