Alan Mislove, Northeastern’s own program connoisseur

Alan Mislove

Alan Mislove, Northeastern’s own program connoisseur

Northeastern University’s Computer Sciences professor, Alan Mislove, came up with a unique idea for an app. He didn’t stop there, however. He actually made the app come true. It’s called ‘Friendlist Manager’ and makes your social network experience much easier and hassle-free.


What it does is use the concept of network information to study the friends in your list and how they are, in turn, connected to each other. After studying the results, it makes its own mini-networks, subtly turning them into list suggestions. You can then decide what to do with them, either friending them or removing them; an additional benefit is that you can merge all the lists that the app brings about. The app sort of categorises your friend into lists, where if you share something, or even post a photo or status, you can choose which list to make it visible to. This means that if you decide, your parents’ list will not see your picture with your boyfriend/girlfriend. However, it much more useful than just this; you just have to use it once.


The app’s framework and the technology it uses can also be seen in one of Mislove’s other programs. It is an app adept in recognising fraud eBay users. There is no way one can segregate genuine comments on a seller from the fake ones – this program will help you to solve this problem. To begin with, a user who is fraudulent would have all the connections within that group he or she created. On the other hand, a genuine seller would have comments from all over the eBay world. This network of theirs is recognised by Mislove’s program, thus helping the consumers to skip the frauds and contact the real ones.


All of his programs can be found on his website. Everyone would agree with me when I say that Alan Mislove is a program connoisseur, and the examples of two of his programs given above just strengthen this thought.


Pranjali Wakde

pranjali wakde

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