Bonding over Video Games at Northeastern


Bonding over Video Games at Northeastern

A university with its own video game club sounds surprising. However, Northeastern University has not only its own video game club, named as ‘Northeastern Entertainment System’ (NES) but also organises game nights on Wednesdays. The members are usually seen to gather in 346 Curry Student Center to play the coolest video games of all – ‘Super Smash Bros. Melee’ and ‘Mario Kart’, to name a few.


The popularity of videos games has risen to the level where, the revenue from this form of entertainment exceeds other forms, such as music and movies. The average revenue, for example, in the year 2015 from video games was $23.5 billion. This entertainment has flourished to an extent that 12th of September is observed as ‘National Video Games Day’.


NES’s president, Jack Lawhorn, associates this development of video games to the advancement of technology, including mobile games. Everyone reading this article right now is guilty of playing ‘Clash of Clans’ or better yet, ‘Candy Crush’ at least once till now. No one has to be, thanks to mobile games, stuck to their TVs attached to Xbox or PlayStation, making the gaming experience even more easy and efficient. “Gaming is becoming more accessible year after year,” Lawhorn stated. “It’s much more portable now.”


Brandon Sichling, NES’ faculty adviser, is very much fascinated by ‘Fire Emblem Awakening’, a game for the Nintendo 3DS console. He, in his paper on most trending mobile games, claims that many games should actually imitate his favourite one. “Game developers need to be thinking less about novels and more about poems,” said Sichling.


The club is diverse enough, with almost equal participation from both the genders. The NES is a beautiful amalgamation of girls and boys, who are always seen to be playing trivia-based games that are available on smartphones; it creates an eager raucous of answers on their game nights. Lawhorn is pretty proud of this loud but harmonious club. He is keen to point out, “It makes the club a better place to make friends, which is a huge part of what makes it so great.”


Pranjali Wakde

pranjali wakde

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