When a professor becomes a member of a blues-rock band


When a professor becomes a member of a blues-rock band

Psychology is a serious subject, requiring focus and dedication. People pursuing or teaching this subject are seen to neglect their other passion(s), to make this their ultimate goal. However, John Coley is an amazing exception to this. This Northeastern University professor is a member of the blues-rock band, called ‘The Stacking Stones’. He’s the bass player of the band, which is nothing but a musical ensemble of six long-time friends.

“I get a little nervous every time we hit the stage,” he says, “but it’s pretty exciting.”


This professor is a great fan of Bruce Springsteen and his music was a big part of his childhood. He owns a Fender Precision Bass on which he started sharpening his skills since 2002. He’s particularly fascinated by the tune of ‘Melissa’ by ‘The Allman Brothers’. “It’s a beautiful song,” Coley explained, “and if you listen carefully, you can hear the bass doing some beautiful things.” He claims, however, that his style leans towards simpler, understated bass.


His band, ‘The Stacking Stones’, started organising live shows some seven years ago, in 2013. The four years before their first live show were spent building up the collective style and harmony, smashing up their jams in one of the band members’ attic.

“It’s a real pleasure and a privilege to play with people you care about,” said Coley. “Music is complicated, and nothing ever goes as practised, but it’s always an amazing experience.”


While the first show didn’t succeed that well, but they didn’t call quits on the band. Now, they have their debut album playing on iTunes, Google Play, and other online music platforms. The entire recording experience made Coley – and the other band members as well – feel as if they are famous rock stars. It was a far cry from his normal psychologist life, and he loved it.

“It was like I had always imagined it would be,” Coley admitted.


Pranjali Wakde

pranjali wakde


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