The importance of communication


The importance of communication

Think for a minute of all the consequences if you could not talk. This makes us realise that communication is an integral part of human life. All activities stand zero without communication. It is the transfer of facts, feelings, ideas, emotions, etc. from one person to another for mutual understanding. It is needed everywhere, from family to the workplace. In a family or a relationship, we need to communicate about different problems, feelings, concerns; to build happy relations. It reduces misunderstandings and increases the bond. Relationships lose beauty if we don’t express our feelings and grudges through various modes of communication. They are like the lather of soap, the more you stay in touch, and the more it grows. So, be regular at talking with your loved ones.


Good communication at the workplace plays a key role in achieving effectiveness, efficiency, and building healthy working relationships. If communication is not up to the mark the staff becomes lethargic and unmotivated. It is necessary for doing work with cooperation and coordination and building credibility and trust among the co-employees. It is the basis of decision making. The advertisements we see on television are also a part of communication between business and its customers. Nathaniel Rickles, a professor at the Northeastern University, trained pharmacists to become better communicators.


Let us look at some communication skills. One must look happy and contended as no one likes to talk with a sad or angry person. We should make sure that we use appropriate body movements, gestures, and facial expressions as with the help of these things, one can judge the state of mind. The tone of voice should be apt (not too polite and not too loud). The choice of words also matters.


Hence, one must learn the communication skills and understand the ways to express his/her ideas and feelings in a better way.


Aarushi Chawla


Aarushi Chawla
Aarushi Chawla

Aarushi Chawla is a commerce first year student at Gargi College, University of Delhi.She will be getting graduated in May 2022 with a degree of Batchelor of Commerce(HONS.). She has scored 96.3% in 12th CBSE board exams and 10 CGPA in 10th CBSE exams. She is a quick learner and brave to get involved in different things. Aarushi loves traveling and has explored many parts of India. She is looking forward to work for a reputed organization as an intern to enhance her skills.

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