Prevent your phone from getting hacked

Prevent your phone from getting hacked

Mobile phones are the devices that are with us irrespective of time. If these devices are not kept safe they can be harmful to human beings as it has many awful ways to spy on us by using the inbuilt technologies. Let us know what is hacking and how it is being done. Hacking is the process in which an unauthorised person can access your data without your knowledge to harm or steal information from you. There are several methods to hack your mobile phone such as:




Phishing is the method where the hacker sends a multimedia text or email containing the link to get on your phone. This type of hacking is most commonly to get your essential information such as passwords, credit card or debit card details.


Watering hole attacks


A waterhole attack is a method where the hacker guesses the most frequently visited website by the target and places the malware on the site uses to get access to the target phone. This type of hacking is usually targeted towards the organisations, industries, and businesses.


Trojan and virus


A trojan is the type of malware used by hackers to hack the phones. The hackers send the Trojan or any other virus disguised in the form of data. Once the Trojan gets access to the targeted phone, it sends the data to the hackers hacking the phone.


According to a study, it is been found that Android is more vulnerable as compared to the iOS. However, the hacking of a mobile phone can be prevented. Professor Collin  Mulliner, mobile systems and security expert at Northeastern University, recently discussed the vulnerabilities an Android phone has. There are basic precautions by which the hacking can be kept at bay. Some of the precautions are:


  • Updating the software and patches regularly can be a method by which the security of the phone can be maintained.


  • Disabling the automatic download of any message on the apps like hangouts can also prevent the hacking as Hangout is directly linked to an individual’s Google account.


  • Apps should be installed only form the Google Play store and not any other site.


  • The Wifi connections that are not secured should be avoided. As these types of wifi connections can leak important data.


Phone hacking is the most unwanted thing that can happen to anyone at any time. This can be kept at a bay by being aware of the things we do with our cell phones. This is the most common way used for cybercrime as well. Hackers are human beings like us and can be stopped from hacking our phones by taking necessary precautions.


Mrinal Garg

Mrinal Garg

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