Books as companions

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Books as companions


Reading books are one of the best hobbies anyone can have. Books are our best companions who will never go away from you even in your bad times. India has given great epics to the whole world like The Ramayana, The Mahabharata, The Gita, Vedas, and Upanishads. Books can give wings to our minds which mean, they motivate us. There are different genres of books such as romance, fantasy, mystery, science fictions, non-fictions, history, and many more. Books like ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill and ‘Stay hungry- Stay foolish’ by Steve Jobs are very motivating. Northeastern University welcomed Stewart O’Nan, one of the highly acclaimed fiction writers. There are many reasons that one should read books. Let us look at some of them→


  • They give us knowledge and peace of mind.


  • Although we have friends and families to share our thoughts, books are the best when it comes to living a life full of wisdom.


  • Books are always helpful when we want to get a real understanding of something.


  • Good books enrich our minds with good thoughts and knowledge like a good friend.


  • One would never feel lonely in the company of books.


  • They give us the inspiration to do great things in life and overcome our failures.


  • We can learn different qualities from reading good books, for instance, never give up, be thankful, help others, be humble, et cetera.


  • There is a great expansion in one’s vocabulary as different books carry new words and of different slangs.


  • One gets to know how to write creatively by reading books in the same way as an attentive listener can speak with great confidence.


  • Reading a book is far better than wasting our precious time playing games on mobile phones.


However, today’s children don’t like reading the reality that is book; they keep themselves occupied in virtual life created by different scientific gadgets. Writing a book is also considered a great work because it gives the author a chance to pour his heart out to his audience.


Aarushi Chawla


Aarushi Chawla
Aarushi Chawla

Aarushi Chawla is a commerce first year student at Gargi College, University of Delhi.She will be getting graduated in May 2022 with a degree of Batchelor of Commerce(HONS.). She has scored 96.3% in 12th CBSE board exams and 10 CGPA in 10th CBSE exams. She is a quick learner and brave to get involved in different things. Aarushi loves traveling and has explored many parts of India. She is looking forward to work for a reputed organization as an intern to enhance her skills.


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