Value of a tree

Value of a tree

Our ecosystem is incomplete without the trees. They play a vital role in our ecosystem as they are the reason behind the survival of the animal kingdom on this planet.They supply us with the necessary items vital for our life such as oxygen, woods, medicine, food,etc. However,gave we ever wondered about their life cycle?


Trees have different life cycles overall. They have vibrant inner lives that are not so different from us but still vary a lot. Just like human beings, they also survive on a social network built by them through their roots. “Plants can survive on the concrete walls as well. They survive there due to the presence of microclimate protected from the wind.”, said Chuch Doughty, director of landscaping, ground maintenance, and waste management at Northeastern University.


Affect on health:


Trees give out 260 pounds of oxygen every year. Also, they can absorb carbon dioxide from a car that runs for 2600 miles. Unfortunately, more than 15.3 Billion trees are cut down every year.  According to research, the Amazon rain forest in 2019, has reduced the forest by 20 percent of its total size. Trees have many medicinal values hidden in them that can provide humankind with the cure of some deadly diseases like cancer. Research shows that British trees and shrubs have some incredible medicinal values that we are yet to find out.


Affect on the environment:


Trees affect the environment greatly. It reduces the speed of the wind as they lose moisture and reflect the heat upwards from the leaves. It also prevents flooding and soil erosion absorbing lots of storm water. It is also estimated that the tress can reduce the temperature of a city by 7-degree celsius.


Affect on the communities:


Forest is the home of many tribes. Trees strengthen the distinctive character of a place and attract the local tribe. This also helps the children to visit the residence of tribes and gain knowledge about the history of humankind.


Trees have a great role to play in the life of every single individual surviving on this planet. To maintain the balance on earth, humankind needs to plant as many trees as possible. This planet is a gift to us by our ancestors and we have a responsibility to transfer this gift in the hands of the upcoming generation in the best way we can without disturbing or harming the natural balance of the earth.


Mrinal Garg


Mrinal Garg

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