‘Without music, life would be a mistake’


‘Without music, life would be a mistake’


Music is the fine art of sound that communicates ideas and feelings in appreciable forms via the factors of rhythm, melody, harmony, and colour. It is of great importance to all of us. Music is the way of expression of emotions. Sometimes, the words which cannot be said directly to a person can be conveyed through this language of beats and tones. It is the confession of love. It is the way to light up and celebrate life. Devotees use this art to please the god by singing bhajans along with playing different musical instruments.


The exquisite art can unite the whole nation just by way of the national anthem. It generates a feeling of patriotism. The Northeastern University once organised THE VISUAL MUSIC MARATHON which reflected the convergence of musical compositions. Music has the power to make things easy to learn. It works as a stress releaser for many people, it soothes the mind. It has the property to heal. People use it to escape from pain. No ceremony, sports, or party is complete without music. It is the ambience. Even travelling is incomplete without music, whether a person is on a bus, train or a car, he needs some beat and tones plugged in his ears. There are different genres of music, for instance, rock, jazz, dubstep, rhythm and blues, etc. These genres affect the brain in distinct ways. However, the primary step is that these beats trigger the pleasure centres of the brain which results in the release of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that makes us feel happy. Nowadays, people get name, fame, and money by translating their emotions and feelings into words, beats, and rhythms.


It can be said that music is the happiness, the gloom, the love, the hatred, the creativity, the imagination, the victory, the failure, and everything else in this world which is associated with feelings.


Aarushi Chawla

Aarushi Chawla
Aarushi Chawla


Aarushi Chawla is a commerce first year student at Gargi College, University of Delhi.She will be getting graduated in May 2022 with a degree of Batchelor of Commerce(HONS.). She has scored 96.3% in 12th CBSE board exams and 10 CGPA in 10th CBSE exams. She is a quick learner and brave to get involved in different things. Aarushi loves traveling and has explored many parts of India. She is looking forward to work for a reputed organization as an intern to enhance her skills.

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