Are you getting the right treatment?

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Are you getting the right treatment?

Addiction is something that human beings are most vulnerable to. It is the habit that nobody wants to get into. Addiction is a complex condition, a sort of brain disease where a person is manifested by a compulsive substance use despite harmful consequences. People get addicted to a substance like alcohol or drugs in such a way where despite knowing the fact they are doing the wrong thing they continue to do that. In the worst-case scenario, it can lead to death too. However, this can be overcome by taking proper treatment.


There are many ways to overcome any kind of addiction. One of the most commonly used techniques or treatments to overcome is visiting a therapist. Therapists are experienced personnel dealing with such cases regularly. They help the patients to understand the drug addiction and also help them understand the reason behind their destructive behavior.


However, getting a wrong therapy can be as harmful as getting into addiction. It can harm our body and mind to a great extent. To meet this problem, Professor Tad Hirsch at Northeastern University has developed a system that records counseling sessions and rates them, generating a report card for therapists. This system, once up, can provide a better service to the patients by evaluating the feedbacks of the therapists out there and get the best treatment available. This system will not only help the patients getting better treatment but also help the therapist a chance to groom them in a better way. This system will record the session and will be analysed after which the therapist will receive the report card of the overall feedback.


Addiction is an issue but not that big which cannot be solved or tackled with. If taken proper treatment, this can be cured and improve the lifestyle of the suffering patients.


Mrinal Garg


Mrinal Garg

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