E-Learning: Need of the hour

E-Learning: Need of the hour


All the activities which include gathering of masses or commuting from one place to another are highly influenced for the reason that COVID-19 has strewed on almost the whole of the globe. So is the case with academic fields, every institution like University Of Delhi,Northeastern University, University Of Cambridge, et cetera has released a notification which says that all the classes and functions including seminars, conferences, workshops, and group activities stand cancelled till any further notice. However, for the sake of completion of courses, a decision has been taken to start the online classes, where all the study material would be sent to the students via networked programs. Also, due to the evolution of technology, different applications like Zoom App or the Google Classroom which are already in use would assist the teachers to conduct the classes online.


This concept of e-learning provides a variety of programs and courses a student can pursue with lower expenditure; it is also more affordable than the conventional classes. Moreover, it allows the students to sit comfortably in their t-shirts and pajamas to grab the knowledge. In addition to this, students don’t need to brawl with traffic and miss the quality time with the family or to wake up early for commuting to the class. Online learning improves the technical skills of young students because they have to use computers and laptops often. Furthermore, the people who are already in the work force can adopt for this concept to extend their knowledge.


However, like a page has two sides, the e-learning carries some disadvantages, for instance, the student sometimes loses self-discipline and doesn’t work as per the schedules decided and some distractions come in the way of learning. Besides this, the power of face to face interaction is much more than that of e-learning as the doubts and queries of students are not answered properly and sometimes the teachers don’t give their inputs appropriately.


Therefore, this concept of e-learning should not be adopted as a customary but used as a provision for emergencies like COVID-19, which the world is currently facing.


Aarushi Chawla

Aarushi Chawla


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