Science of money and emotion


Science of money and emotion

Ever wondered what more money could bring? Happiness? Maybe yes!


We all would be glad if we would have little more money to spend on things or to donate. This finance would give the ultimate satisfaction of having and enjoying all the assets. ‘Happinomics’ is the term given to science and economics of happiness.


David DeSteno, a Psychology professor at Northeastern University says that emotional science is gaining a lot of importance now. Emotions are one of the important factors which function our mind and the way we live. It affects and constructs all the parameters of our life.


Having considerable finance to afford things that we like, keeps a better emotional balance. Moreover, when one is able to donate money to others, one tends to remain happier as compared to the one who only spends on himself or herself. Also, the phenomenon of comparison of our money to the others takes away the satisfaction of earning it or having earned it. This very concept explains why the United States, being a rich country, is not happy.


Like the people in Denmark who do not earn a lot of money but is still one of the happiest countries, people should stop spending on products or services which do not give them any satisfaction or happiness. This can be done only when people get to know about these findings. This is an essential step in education which ought to reach people for them to understand the science of emotional satisfaction.


All the countries should definitely give importance to the economic and financial growth of the nation but should also consider the welfare of their emotional health. With half of its population being depressed due to financial constraints, the country will not flourish in maintaining a healthy and emotional balance.


Akshara Pashetkar

Akshara Palshetkar
Akshara Palshetkar

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