The American Dream of Nick Dimitrov

The American Dream of Nick Dimitrov

We as human beings always strive to outlast our mere existence and create something remarkable in this world before we leave. We have also grown up to the idea of never being forgotten and live our lives in a purpose to be remembered through our work. Nick Dimitrov too followed the words of his father to “live in such a way so you would never be forgotten”. This Northeastern University graduate has a fascinating story to tell about his life which he delivered as a keynote speaker on 13th December at the university’s Seattle campus to inspire the graduates to utilise the best days of their youth and that being scared and uncertain is also the part of this process.


Dimitrov graduated D’Amore McKim School of Business twenty-one years back with a dual degree in Finance and Management Information Systems. He was sent to the U.S with only a bank balance of $567.91 after adding up his family’s life savings and borrowed money. He has saved the ATM receipt of a withdrawal of $20 in a ultra-violet resistant glass inside a thick wooden frame from twenty-five years back which still reminds him of the lowest of days that he faced while adjusting to a new culture in a new city with the fear of exhausting all his savings only in the first semester. Despite all these challenges, he graduated with prestigious diplomas and award commendations that led to his fourteen years at Microsoft as a Financial Analyst including many negotiations and deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


After Microsoft, Dimitrov joined Amazon as a principal in Developer Relations and Product Management where he co-founded Amazon Game Studios which was an untapped market segment for Amazon before. But he felt unfulfillment and discomfort stirring up after five years at Amazon, so he quit his job and started his own business called Amazon Bound.


Taking risks is one of the most important features in being successful and Dimitrov never gave in to the unknown. He inspired many youths with his story to live up to their dreams.


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Rubena Bose

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