Fishes being superior to humans!


Fishes being superior to humans!

The study of fishes and their various biological mechanisms has been a topic of research for various biologists. Günther Zupanc, a professor of Biology in the Northeastern University based his research on teleost fish. The word ‘teleost’ can be ascribed to more than 20,000 species of fishes. These fishes have retained their ability to grow in their adult development stages. They, in this function, become superior to human beings as they can regrow their hearts, fins, and important parts of the central nervous system.


Apteronotus leptorhyncus is one such teleost fish which is commonly known as the brown ghost knifefish. This fish is capable of curing its injury on its own. If there is any damage to the neural tissue, it can be restored within a few weeks. This process first involves flushing the damaged cells out of the system following to which new cells will be formed. These cells will then enter the nervous system distinguishing and forming neurons, helping the fish to create a new survival mechanism.


According to Zupanc, the process that takes place inside the fish starts early and immediately after the injury. It involves a lot of proteins in order to carry out this process smoothly. The team also observed the various types and amounts of concentration of proteins that was formed in the fish’s body of which 11 are very important during this process, as they form the very base of the cellular formation. These proteins are more essential than many other compounds as they contribute in saving the fish’s system from suffering any blood clots and irregular electron transfer. Many processes like energy metabolism, regeneration of cells, and degeneration of the old cells are included in the functions of these important proteins.


These researches can also be of substantial use and importance for inventing therapies for curing brain traumas which also include replacing the damaged cells of the brain with the new ones.


Akshara Palshetkar

Akshara Palshetkar
Akshara Palshetkar

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