The results of our actions

The results of our actions

“You reap what you sow” is the proverb that applies to human beings as the problems faced by us are the results of our deeds. We live in a century where we do almost everything using technology and the knowledge we have gained or developed. However, this technology is achieved by us paying a huge cost in the form of deteriorating health and many other vital concerns. There are many aspects which are playing a major role in the changes witnessed by us like population boom, technology, and climate changes. All these three aspects are interconnected.


The rising global population has been an issue for ages now. The current population of our planet is 7.25 billion which is increasing at an alarming rate every second. The effects of overpopulation can be seen easily. One of the main reasons for inflation in the population is the growth in medical science. We have a cure for every other disease or illness which in turn decreases the mortality rate and heightens the birth rate. Growth of population in an uncontrollable rate has increased the spread of deadly diseases like HIV, tuberculosis, and the most recent Corona virus. Every year more than a million people die due to drinking contaminated water, starving, poverty, etc. Migration rate has increased from rural areas to urban areas in the hunt of daily bread resulting in lack of housing, occupation, and food.


Climate change is one of the most important topics to be considered to protect nature from the harms that are done to it. Human health is highly influenced by the climate and weather we live in. Pollution is one of the biggest reasons for the changes in the climate. Factories and other industries  release various toxic gases in the atmosphere resulting in depletion of the Ozone layer, Global Warming, rise in the temperature, the formation of smog, etc. An increase in carbon dioxide emissions has increased the greenhouse effect. Climate change, together with other natural and human-made stressors, threatens human health in several ways. Some of the health impacts are already being witnessed and experienced in various parts of the planet.


We are now advanced in every aspect of technology known to date. However, the development of these technologies has both a positive and a negative side. “Technology usually benefits the most those who need it the least,” said Gonzalo Bacigalupe, who studies disaster risk management at Northeastern University. With the help of technology we have, diseases that do not show any outer symptoms can be deducted using thermal scans, etc. on the other hand, various research has shown that it has a more negative impact as compared to the positive impact on human health. Some of the common impacts are musculoskeletal problems, sleep deprivation, sleep strain, sedentary lifestyle, mental health, etc. The technology is good if used properly or else it can be hazardous if used carelessly.


We live in the 21st century and in need of developing ourselves continuously. However,  we should not ignore our health for the sake of it. There are many ways which can be implemented in order to attain development in a healthier way. Steps can be taken to control over population, climate changing ongoing with technology in the most sustainable method.


Mrinal Garg

Mrinal Garg

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