Unsize – Defining sizes with colours


Unsize – Defining sizes with colours

It’s always a headache to actually find clothes that are not only cute but fits right to your body. There’s always an option of trying and discarding clothes when in a physical store, but while shopping online? A big impossibility. That’s where Kate Wilhoit, Northeastern university’s own, found her own inspiration. Her startup, ‘Unsize’, fulfils the dream and “eliminate the need for sizes, labels, and gender boxes.”


Unsize, now up and running, usually use people’s body measurements to determine what size and shape would they eventually fit into. The customers would receive a device that will accurately record the body measurements. What is unique about this device is how it will not be using numbers, but colours to measure and record the correct fit. For instance, your hips won’t be 34 inches wide but will be shown in some array of colours, from red to purple.

“I want to help build confidence and not put people into boxes,” said Wilhoit.

Wilhoit was busy with a co-op at Northeastern’s Sherman Center itself; where she was supposed to run focus groups for her startup and then working on a web app that will help assemble all the shopping sites in one place. Ted Johnson, the assistant director of the Sherman Center, is quite impressed by Wilhoit’s work.


“We give students the gift of time,” said Johnson. “Often ventures start from home or out of garages while the entrepreneur works another job or goes to school. This is the first time they are getting a chance to work on their ventures full time.”


On talking about her inspiration for this app, she claims to have gotten the idea when she saw her mom shopping when she sat thinking about how men’s clothing was comfortable for her but was never available in the size she wanted. “I always knew I wanted to start a business,” said Wilhoit. “I knew I would just have a feeling in my gut when I found the right idea and I had that feeling with Unsize.”


Pranjali Wakde

pranjali wakde


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