The downfall we wanted

The downfall we wanted

This year we witnessed the beginning of the impeachment trial of the 45th U.S. President Donald Trump, who became the third U.S. president ever to be impeached. Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is the first woman in the U.S. history to hold that position, was the first one to launch formal impeachment efforts last year even though speculations about the Impeachment had been running for almost a year.


Two articles of impeachment have been passed against the president though many would expect more, given Trump’s history of controversies. The President is charged with ‘Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress’.


The Northeastern University publicly published everything related to the charges against Donald Trump, with reference to all his illegal activities which also forces us to look into his immoral actions which makes him one of the most undesirable American Presidents.


The main issue was that Trump withheld $400 million military aid as leverage and a White House meeting to pressurise Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son, who were his democratic political rivals before he was elected. This led the House Leadership to start an official enquiry against it.


According to the most recent proceedings of the trials, the acquittal of the President is certain. However, after all this, the following are some of the pieces of evidence of cases which paint Donald Trump in a bad picture, emphasising on his unethical activities.

One of the first factors is Trump referring African countries as ‘Shitholes’ and Neo-Nazis as ‘fine people’ which makes me wonder how many know that bigotry, racism, and white nationalism are also impeachable offences.

In the year 2017, Trump tried to hamper the merger between AT&T and Time Warner because Time Warner shed a bad light on his work as the President of the US. Trump has also been accused of rape by two women who he had affairs with, which, although, is not an impeachable offence, had attracted huge media galore. Trump also launched airstrikes in Syria, even though he didn’t have the official number of favourable votes to do it. He even helped Saudi Arabia to continue to drop bombs despite not getting favourable agreements from both sides of the Congress.

Also, since the day Trump took office, his administration had made changes which constantly targeted the rights of people who belonged to the LGBTQ Community, where he continually attacked their access to health care as well as their civil rights. And even though in his speech on Tuesday night, he emphasised on gearing up for a well-defined and strong U.S. economy. Many people including Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, cited his speech to be ‘demagogic and undignified’.

Thus, no matter the result of this impeachment trial, Trump already is one of the most hated President America ever had. The impeachment trial on February 5, acquitted Trump with two-thirds of the senators not having found him guilty of the charges contained therein. The downfall didn’t occur now, or did it?


Shivangi Sinha

Shivangi Sinha

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