Devolving Education, not the way forward

Devolving Education, not the way forward

Education is one of the fundamentals that construct the nature of human society. The forms, style, and means of education in a particular culture decide the norms and values of that culture. History tells us that in Vedic age, Indian civilisation focused greatly on the importance of education which was imparted by Gurus in Gurukuls, in the Chinese civilisation, the focus was primarily on the ruling classes and the warrior groups. These two variations in the form of education have affected the nature of civilisation as a whole. While Indian focus greatly on morality and abstractions, the Chinese rely on discipline and commands to attain success and a good life.


In modern times, Education has been hegemonised by the corporates. There is complete commercialization of education. Today education has become just a mere means to an end that is Commodity. Talking on the same issue at Northeastern University, President Aoun spoke about the need to shift education from output-oriented to value-oriented projects. Education when becomes a commodity to achieve something, loses its essence. The goal of education is to empower individuals and make them critical about society and authority. Noam Chomsky defines Education as a system of imposed ignorance. It is to make us see beyond the surface of the society and question the deep state of the societal structures. The problem in the contemporary modern world is that it has devolved the values in education and constructed a system of information where only data and mechanisms are seen as education, not the nature and function of that data and mechanism. The only major change can be brought when the society shifts its perspective on education-based values and not merely on the empirical study.


Nafis Haider



Nafis Haider

Nafis Haider is a second year Undergraduate student pursuing Political Science from the Aligarh Muslim University. An amateur journalist and National Debater, his areas of interest include Political Philosophy, Indian Politics and International Affairs.

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