Police armed with gift cards 


Police armed with gift cards 

Its holiday season, everyone loves Christmas, especially children. Every family has some different Christmas traditions, but what children love the most is receiving presents.  Sadly, not every child is lucky enough to be born in families where they can enjoy such traditions. Toys for Tots is a program by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve that ensures every child from newborn to 10 years of age celebrates Christmas and the holiday season with lots of fun toys, teddy bears, and Legos and they have been successful enough to spread happiness across many families in Norfolk, Suffolk, and Northern Plymouth counties. They collaborate with NGOs, social workers, police forces and The Globe Santa for distributing toys to individual families.


Toys for Tots is a great initiative to help the underprivileged families feel the joy of celebration just like everyone else and making sure every childhood memory of a secret Santa is fulfilled my warm gifts. They have their warehouses in Greater Boston and they function on a seasonal basis from October to December of every year collecting unwrapped toys, packaging, and distributing them. Anyone who feels like contributing can volunteer and help drop off toys at the locations. The Northeastern University’s police joined the law enforcement area resource network to deliver toys at the warehouse of Toys for Tots in Boston. The department participated in this drive to spread smiles across the faces of children.


The Globe Santa is one of the largest non-profit public charity programs started by the Boston Globe Foundation in 1956. The holiday tradition of giving gifts with an intention to deliver joy to local children has been only increasing in the last six decades.  55,000 children in 172 cities in Boston will enjoy the Globe Santa gifts this holiday season. We need such a warm holiday spirit giving approach to dissolves the gap among the different sections of society and bring in unity during festivities as Christmas celebrations are truly for all.


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mayuri talgaonkar


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