Making a career before graduation


Making a career before graduation

Northeastern University gives its students very interesting co-op opportunities before their graduation. For example, James Morrison Klein got a six-month international co-op in France and recently returned after gaining invaluable information as well as the much-needed confidence from being a software developer in Copass. It is a startup in Paris and can be labelled as a global membership network that gives access to its users to at least 256 working spaces with just a single account. It has around 42 countries in its list, where ‘Copassers’ can utilise this space to their heart’s content, included in it are the advantages of a social experience. Copass has recently partnered with Airbnb so that the users can easily get accommodations.


“By American standards, Copass is a startup,” Klein told. “It was a very tightknit team with only five employees, including myself, and I really enjoyed the freedom that came with working with a startup as self-sufficient yet successful as Copass.”


Klein used to build web applications right from the scratch, in the addition of keeping the company’s current software functioning properly. He quickly became a trusted member of their team, as his responsibilities started encompassing many other things as well. “There was a huge slew of things beyond the programming,” he said.


Klein learned and got really good in agile software development. “Agile development is huge in the United States now because startups need quick prototyping,” he said. “There were times where I’d come in and need to learn a new framework and programming language in one day.”


He, fortunately, got a supportive mentor at Copass. Klein was rightly guided in all of his assignments, which not only made him an effective independent worker but also boosted his confidence and increased his self-esteem. “It was extremely empowering, from a technical perspective, and I’m extremely confident in my abilities since returning from the co-op.” Klein’s opportunity has seriously made him a prestige part of Hercules Technology Growth Capital, which is a capital firm in California. It is no wonder that both of his employers are thinking of making him a full-time employee once he is done with his graduation.


Pranjali Wakde

pranjali wakde

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