The necessity of change


The necessity of change

Danielle Duplin is an executive from Boston and is the mother of Alexandra Duplin, one of Northeastern University’s beloved students– who eagerly gave quite a stimulating presentation at the Alumni Center. The presentation focused not only on the importance of change but also on the perks as well as the problems faced at any given workplace.


“Change can be frightening,” she stated, “but it can also be exciting because it means something amazing could happen.” A vice president at Fidelity Investments, she spoke in the second episode of a professional development program called We Aspire. It was attended in large numbers, largely by people who wanted to share development strategies they used to continue succeeding professionally.


This program is specifically designed by the University to address the contributions made by the community to the historic ‘Empower: The Campaign for Northeastern University’. It has around three strategic goals, which include support and financial aid to the students, expanding and simultaneously advancing the faculty, and introducing innovation in education and research.


Diane MacGillivray is a senior vice president of this University Advancement and did address the audience present. “This series grew out of our desire to connect our inspiring alumni and parents with our dedicated faculty and staff,” MacGillivray. “We want to thank those here today who have made the Empower campaign the success that it is.”


Duplin started her talk by telling the audience to perform a little exercise – everyone had, in front of them, little slips of paper with quotations from famous personalities, all of the quotes being related to the theme of change. Then the curator & executive producer of TEDxBoston asked the audience to read the slips and then collect their feedback on it.


“We all have a sense of self, and it’s tough to take if that change is threatening,” Duplin said to the audience. Change is part of the human condition.” She narrated some of the short workplace stories from her collection, to describe the nature of change, telling how compassion and communication are important things.


“Sometimes change can reveal new career trajectories for people,” Duplin said. “Under the right conditions, they can soar.”


Pranjali Wakde

pranjali wakde

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