Alina Müller, the young Olympian

Alina Müller

Alina Müller, the young Olympian

The youngest ice hockey player to ever win an Olympic medal, Alina Müller at the age of 15 is a two time Olympian. She represented Switzerland at the Winter Olympics in 2014 and won the bronze medal after she scored the game-winning goal which defeated Sweden (4-3) in the bronze medal play-off, this resulted in her being noted for becoming the youngest ice hockey player 915 years) to ever win an Olympic medal. She was the youngest to win Sochi Olympics in 2014 and in 2018 was deemed ‘Best Forward’ at PyeongChang.


Müller is now a forward for the Northeastern University’s Huskies and walks the halls of Northeastern University as a sophomore, taking on the next hockey season. Mueller has established herself as a notable player in women’s hockey.


“I love that it’s a team sport. I just like to share wins and losses, build something in a group and achieve goals together,” Alina said. “I also like that it’s a fast game. I like that you need to be able to skate fast, you need to be coordinated, you have to be an athlete and you have to use your mind.”


Mueller had made into the Swiss national team by the winter that leads up to the 2014 Olympics in Russia, which changed her course of life as she developed recognition and fame at a global level. Before her Olympic experiences, she used to play for EHC (ice hockey team) Winterthur’s youth team (Switzerland) for 10 years since she was 6. She came from a sporty family and tried different sports but was especially into hockey which she then chose as her career. After EHC she became a professional league member of the Zürcher Schlittschuh Club Lions in Switzerland.


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