Gear up for Christmas shopping spree

Gear up for Christmas shopping spree

Despite the negative connotations in its name, Black Friday is nothing less than winning a jackpot. With Black Friday, comes an opportunity to finally move the products in your wish list to the shopping cart.  In addition to that, Cyber Monday is there to rescue if you have overlooked any product earlier. The retailers came up with the idea of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to encourage customers to purchase more for Christmas on the week after Thanksgiving, by providing them with amazing discounts and super sales to make a considerable rise in their profit scale.


Many stores open at 6 a.m. for their customers to avoid the unmanageable rush, and some of the stores opened their gates at five or four in the morning. In 2011, this madness took a new turn, and the retailer unrolled its shutter at midnight. Similarly, from the inception of Cyber Monday, it gained popularity and profited in-store as well as online retailers. Eunice Esomonu, a visualisation software developer at Northeastern University published that approximately 165.8 million people shopped between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As the offers remain valid for a week, 35 million customers planned to shop on Thanksgiving Day, around 116.4 million people decided to shop on Black Friday and 176.7 million till Cyber Monday.  Many surveys showed a visible increase in bottom-line business with a 30% change in online retailers.


Though the day of Black Friday faces severe traffic, violence, and cracks the nerve of the administration, it is now easier to avail of the offers in the comfort of your home via online shopping. A study in 2018 showed 53% of consumers preferred to shop both online and by visiting the store. It is also reported that a lot of employees are hired by the store to manage the higher demand for the holiday week, but a significant number of layoffs occur at the end of this season. No matter where you reside, the modern world of digitalisation allows you to indulge in the holiday mood. Happy Shopping!


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