Help thy neighbour if you want to survive

Help thy neighbour if you want to survive

The most important task for any institution is to improve its immediate surroundings. Those who lack this capability can leave the task of having a lasting effect on the future. We are determined by our surroundings. If any institution is unable to create awareness among the people who it regularly interacts with, then its whole existence is useless. Be it a healthcare facility, a school, or a university, it is bound by the virtue of its existence to make people’s lives better in its surroundings.  Northeastern University is one such place that has taken concrete steps toward the fulfillment of this task. They have started a programme called “Neighbourhood Connect” which essentially aims to provide the opportunities to the residents of Boston which they, unfortunately, didn’t receive. The program seeks to enrich the lives via educating them through a variety of programmes on legal counselling, social justice, and language courses.


Universities are the powerhouse of potential. They have the caliber to change the entirety of a nation. In universities, minds,   which are to think and act in the future, emerge. Therefore, it essential to foster among them, a sense of duty to help the unprivileged. Through programs like such, this goal can be realised. Other institutions can also apply the same course of action, be it hospitals, where doctors can give free treatment on a particular date to the economically weaker sections, or secondary school which can impart free education to a student who has exceptional talent but can’t support their education. The progress of a society is dependent on the collective goodwill of all. Only when every human gets his/her due, we can talk of progress and growth. And such actions that transcend the limitations of formality and laws and help people on humanitarian lines can be an effective tool for our advancement.


Nafis Haider

Nafis Haider

I am a second year Undergraduate student pursuing Political Science from the Aligarh Muslim University. An amateur journalist and National Debater, my areas of interest include Political Philosophy and International Affairs.

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