Life of a journalist


Life of a journalist

Media plays a vital role in an informed society and has the power to build and destroy public opinions. It can be spoken of as a “Mirror” of a particular society or country. If media is considered as a book of the current affairs, the journalist is the author of these books. Journalists, being a huge part of media, have the capacity to control and curate the information as per the circumstances.


The life of a journalist can be challenging as well as exciting. A typical day of a journalist might look like working with people on interviews or subjects of interest, offer a well-balanced and accurate explanation of the stories being covered, and seeking the truth behind the unpopular or popular content. The job usually demands tremendous research in terms of digging for data, numbers, and stories that are relevant to the audience. Apart from that, the risk of work being unsuccessful or unpopular cannot be evaded. Physical threats are the most visible challenges that journalists face, apart from political and economic pressure, censorship, etc. However, the biggest hurdle for news journalists can be the “Extortion Economy” when it comes to uncovering the truth.


America has seen a significant rise in industries and businesses that promote the growth of ransomware. David Fahrenthold, Patricia Wen, Renee Dudley and some other well-known individuals have recently spoken about their experience in the field of journalism and the struggles that journalists have to face irrespective of their professional experience during the fourth installment of Northeastern University’s series: A Civic Experience. Each individual shares their part of the story including challenges faced by reporters to uncover the truth, the analytical skills required to perform a successful job at being a journalist, and the need for excellent communication skills. This program organised by the Northeastern University profiles leaders who have made a significant contribution in shaping politics, policy, and media.


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