Veterans day- A Civic Experience

Veterans day- A Civic Experience

Veterans Day is one of the most famous  American Holidays that fall on the 11th of November each year. It celebrates the former and active US Members that were part of the war. It was originally known as Armistice Day and should not be confused with Memorial Day. With respect to this occasion, former US Representatives Chris Gibson and Seth Moulton shared their experience of the War at The Civic Experience: The Enduring Value of Military Service Event at the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex, Northeastern University.


At this Event, Gibson spoke about the importance of emotional intelligence in effectively handling difficult as well as demanding war circumstances where the person was expected to work along with people from different ethnicity and ideologies in a particular province. This particular experience seems to have helped both Gibson and Moulton in their navigation through the congress.


Later, Moulton pointed out that this war experience in countries, like Iraq, was frustrating and disillusioning but the fact that an individual could make a real difference in the lives of the people residing there made this service interesting. Moulton also commended Gibson to be a Republican member of the house that voted to keep the government against the other republicans looking to shut the government down in an attempt to discontinue Obamacare. Moulton believes that in the present times the congress lacks the courage to do the “right thing” even though the decision might not be popular politically.


Moulton also elaborates on how this courage can be easily available to individuals who have turned to politics with a military background. According to him, the toughest decisions are the ones that make an individual summon their moral courage to do the right thing. This event also shed a light on the mental issues that the Military veterans face. Moulton mentions the inadequate help that the veterans receive which leads to them struggling to cope up with mental disorders, like post-traumatic stress disorder. The program was a marking of the fifth installment of Northeastern University series: The Civic Experience.


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