Hydration-Why it’s so important?

Hydration-Why it’s so important?

Our bodies require 60 per cent of water approximately and it is commonly recommended to drink 8 ounces of water per day. A new study co-authored by Northeastern University professor Charles Hillman revealed that a properly hydrated body has better reaction times. Being hydrated elevates not only your physical performance but also mental performance.


The study was conducted by Charles Hillman with Northeastern doctoral student, Daniel Westfall and his research colleagues at the University of Illinois. The French food group, Danone, observed how children’s body aged from ages 9-11 after drinking a fair amount of water.


The study builds on research that correlates dehydration to the cognitive function of children’s bodies. The children usually rely on adults for dehydration. This was the cause for concern. Like, the school-going children usually ask for hydration from their teachers and the response can be yay or nay. The better results can be if children carry their own water bottle.


The research was based on children’s urine sample that measures the cognitive performance and compares performances with a hydrated and dehydrated body. The result was based on three conditions that what they usually drink, half a litre, and 2.5 litres of water over the course of 4 days.

Charles Hillman says, “We found that the kids who were more hydrated at baseline perform better in the high intake condition, suggesting that it’s actually not dehydration, but hydration in the case, that promotes better cognitive functions.” The result showed high flexibility and memory were the big winners. The overall cognitive performance was much better than the dehydrated body.


Charles Hillman is increasing his range by exploring more on how hydration affects the brain structure and function, short -term and long-term memory, and children children’s performance in school.


Shweta Tripathi

Shweta Tripathi
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