Work-life balance, a key to happiness

Work-life balance

Work-life balance, a key to happiness

In the modern, busy world, people often forget to take care of themselves. The stress of work, financial pressure, and taking care of family can overwhelm anyone easily. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is important for any individual. Typically, mothers spend more time with children than fathers do. They are more involved in the lives of the children than the father, for whatever reasons. The thing is, when a parent does not have a healthy work-life balance, they tend to get stressed. Everyone wants to spend time with their family and when that doesn’t happen, it causes stress, and people start thinking about quitting their jobs which is not good for the organisations either.


A study conducted by Northeastern University researchers found that companies also stand to benefit from positive work-related outcomes for involved fathers—the more time dads spend with their children, the more likely they are to experience work-family enrichment and the less likely they are to think about quitting their jobs.


“One of the big takeaways here is that there’s a real benefit to being an involved father. By doing so, they’ll be happier and more satisfied in their workplace, which leads to positive outcomes for their organisations,” says associate professor Jamie Ladge, co-author of the research published in the journal, ‘Academy of Management Perspectives’.


In conclusion, the researchers suggested that organisations recognise and appreciate that fathers should not be held to ideals that are based on these out dated gender norms and expectations. Many of today’s fathers want to be more than the traditional “organisation man.” They noted that dads should strive to find a happy medium between doing meaningful work and living meaningful lives as they transition toward a broader definition of fatherhood that embraces work and family.


The proper work-life balance will benefit not only the employee and their families but the organisation as well.


Anushka Singh

Anushka Singh
Anushka Singh

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