Satiate your Asian food cravings in a minute!

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Satiate your Asian food cravings in a minute!

If you are craving Asian food at any time in your busy schedule, then Mash Pham’s elegant app will be there to rescue you. Pham is a Northeastern University graduate, who has recently launched his start-up food delivery services. It will be covering the radius of three miles of campus, delivering lunchtime to the customers. Pham went on to initiate partnerships with local Asian restaurants, which will easily let the customers order tasty and authentic Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese cuisines.


Named as the MoMo Lunchbox, Pham wants to make this start-up as successful as possible. “We really care about quality,” said Pham. “We pick the best restaurants in the area to partner with, so when customers order from us, they know our brand and trust the food quality.” Customers who wish to order for the next day need to order by 8 p.m. that night. They can even pick up their order at Kung Fu Tea, on Massachusetts Avenue. MoMo Lunchbox is pretty reasonable, with the price bracket ranging from $8 to $11; and it even includes grilled chicken, short ribs as well as sliced pork, along with snacks and drinks from Kung Fu Tea.


“By having a pre-order system, we know the night before exactly how many meals we’ll need to pick up the next day, and the restaurants know how many meals they’ll need to make,” said Pham, who has studied business administration along with accounting.


Pham lends most of the credits to social media in helping him develop his app. He got the idea when he was busy food blogging and posting pictures of Asian dishes on his Instagram page. That’s when he started receiving people’s questions in his DMs and comments about getting authentic Asian food on the go. He decided to answer them by investing around eight months in vigorously developing his start-up, including contacting the owners of local Asian restaurants, reviewing their food, and forming business bonds with them.


MoMo Lunchbox has been an absolute hit, and Pham believes it will continue to be so down the years.


Pranjali Wakde

pranjali wakde

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