How OurPath became his path

Ourpath helped Piekarski in finding his path

How OurPath became his path

Ourpath helped Alek Piekarski find his path. He got a co-op offer from a financial technology company in Chicago and it felt like his future was set. Yet, something didn’t feel right because he belonged in Europe. While he was in Edinburgh last year for a study abroad stint, he applied to software engineering co-ops in the U.S. and throughout Europe, but London was where he really wanted to be.

Piekarski is a Computer Science and Math student at Northeastern University. When he visited London, it was love at first sight. He fell in love with the beautiful city. Not only was London his dream place, but it  was good for tech too.

A search on LinkedIn serendipitously led him to a profile for OurPath, a London-based start-up specialising in the use of behavioural science and weight tracking technology to change unhealthy lifestyles. Soon, he realised that he was separated by a few degrees from John Sirisuth, a recent Northeastern graduate who oversees the company’s growth.

This was it; he knew he had to take the chance. He wasted no time in introducing himself. To his delight, he received a positive response within half an hour.After finishing his exams in December, he went down from Edinburgh to London to meet OurPath team.  He said he knew it was a fit right away and the feeling was mutual.

So, when he was offered a software engineering position, he accepted it right away. “I really loved OurPath, especially because it’s focused on health and wellness, something I’m really passionate about,” said Piekarski.

Being able to have a positive impact on people’s lives is something worth working for. It is an amazing feeling to do what you love and be paid for it. Sirisuth said, “Most employers are blown away by the level of professionalism Northeastern graduates have which I think speaks  for the programme itself and the nature of the students.”

For Piekarski, the programme helped him develop practical skills. It was a learning experience as he got to know how a company works as a whole and what input as an employee you are expected to  provide.

Soumya Pandey


Soumya Pandey

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