Look out for balanced college life and a promising future

College life

Look out for balanced college life and a promising future

Treading the path of college life is stressful. It is God’s honest truth. Balancing the unending pile of assignments, getting good grades, procuring minimum attendance, and finding time for your private and social life is exhausting. Along with this, you have to make sure that your search for internships and good job opportunities don’t get sidetracked between all this commotion. Because, of course, planning for your future is as important as any part of your life. However, Greg Goodale, an associate professor of Communication Studies in the College of Arts, Media, and Design and the 2011 winner of Northeastern University’s Excellence-in-Teaching Award, is your best advisor. His book, A Professor’s Advice to his Students, offers five pointers for making the most out of your college life and building a strong foundation for the future.

Be Memorable

Goodale says to make a name for yourself while you are in college. Make your benchmark in whichever activity or field you excel in, as a student, as an employee, and as a volunteer.  Because everyone has some extraordinary qualities which makes them different from one another.

We can be memorable by overcoming deficits as public speakers or on-our-feet thinkers. We can be memorable by showing courage in challenging willing professors and bosses to a debate (plenty of professors and bosses don’t like to debate, so be careful here). We can be memorable by mentoring struggling classmates or colleagues. We can be memorable by coming up with brilliant and innovative ideas.

Present papers as if they represent you

Put your heart and soul in your assignments. Your work should be a mirror of your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. The identities of your work and your personality should be vice-versa. Own your place in your assignments too.

Think for yourself

Stop being dependent on others, asking them to decide for you. Of course, you can ask for help.  However, take their suggestions and combine your views and opinions on the matter. Starting from your college life and beyond, there is no more ‘spoon-feeding’ or ‘holding hands’ for you.

Get out of your way

Your success lies outside of your comfort zone. To achieve something bigger and better, stop procrastinating or spending time with negative people. Stay with the people who encourage you to better than you are today. Your competition is not with anyone but yourself. Start taking small steps out of your comfort zone. Lead by example for yourself, not for others. Knowledge is present everywhere. Gain it from everything around you.

Look to the horizon

Learning never stops. There are enormous possibilities to learn more every single day. Knowledge is the sole wealth that makes you rich in reality. There will be obstacles, no doubt. Think of it as a bump on the road while you are driving. Pass it. Enjoy the journey and the view. Nature is your best teacher for your whole life.

Look to the horizon. Think about the distant road rather than the immediate road ahead. You’ll find that the ride evens out. Over the long run, most people who go to college have pleasant lives.

Dibyasha Das

Dibyasha Das
Dibyasha Das


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