Future of humans and artificial intelligence

Future of humans and artificial intelligence

We, the people in today’s world, have been hearing the word Artificial Intelligence quite often. However, most of the people don’t know this term or its use in this era!

The use of artificial intelligence is not recent but it’s being used almost everywhere in today’s world. From the cars that we drive to the products and systems that we use daily has been folded with intelligence. A conference and survey was conducted by Northeastern University and Gallup which revealed opinions on artificial intelligence as economies around the world undergo the transformative mode to automation.

The poll revealed that the majority of people from the USA, Canada, and the UK think that artificial intelligence will enhance their lives but they also believe that higher education, employers, and government are not doing enough to improve their skills.

The poll revealed that very few people are concerned about losing their jobs but experts say they should be more concerned about it. It also showed overwhelming support for lifelong learning opportunities, but they are pessimistic towards higher education in their countries. They feel unprepared to work with artificial intelligence.

In this crucial stage, Northeastern University has launched a campus in Vancouver that will offer degree programmes to the students who want a career in Artificial Intelligence. This degree programme will also enable those students who have no knowledge in computing or technology.The latest Canadian survey revealed that 85 per cent of the respondents acknowledge artificial intelligence as a threat to jobs over the next decade.

To reduce this anxiety and insecurity, Vancouver campus will collaborate with campuses in Toronto and other neighbouring campuses in Seattle and San Francisco to form a regional high-tech network which will aim to develop a global innovation ecosystem.

Artificial Intelligence is relevant to any intellectual task. It also includes autonomous vehicles, medical diagnosis, creating art, proving mathematical theorems, playing games, search engines, online assistants, and many more. Besides these advancements, the question abounds over how to safeguard human values such as privacy and autonomy.

Ronald Sandler, a Philosophy professor who directs the Ethics Institute at Northeastern University, says, “It’s not just privacy, algorithmic bias, automated decision- making processes.”

It’s a crisis of maturity for humanity. Either we need to grow up and learn how to work together, or we will perish as a civilisation. The main role of AI is to move up the ladder of social evolution.

Shweta Tripathi

Shweta Tripathi
Shweta Tripathi


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