Boston- ‘Home Away From Home’

Boston- ‘Home Away From Home’

Boston- ‘Home Away From Home’

Brandon and Bradley Goldstein, students at Northeastern University have taken up the task to bring the authenticity of their birthplace, Singapore and Jakarta to Boston.

 “I feel like our culture is underrepresented in a lot of ways, so being able to showcase our food, our dance, our music for a melting-pot audience, it’s amazing,” says the elder brother, Brandon Goldstein. 

The two brothers kicked off one of the largest Indonesian heritage celebrations on the East Coast, “the New England Indonesian Festival’.

After arriving in Boston in 2015, Brandon joined as an Indonesian college student in Massachusetts. “I was able to participate in a warm community of individuals who shared the same core experiences as me,” he says. “Sometimes it’s the small things that make you feel at home—like finding people to enjoy your favorite childhood snacks with.” He said he found his ‘home away from home’ in Boston. Indonesian heritage is a very major part of their culture. 

“It was remarkable that Northeastern allowed us to find a place where we felt comfortable and fit in,” says the younger brother. Bradley followed Brandon to Northeastern University and is a student of bio engineering. “We want others to feel the same.”

“I’m just happy to represent my culture,” he says. “It’s the least I can do.” They aim to make other Indonesian students feel at home in Boston. They are creating a homely environment for students in Boston. The brothers are en-robing Batik, a colorful tradition of Indonesia. 

The Goldstein brothers have been active participants in PERMIAS (Indonesian acronym), the students union.  Bradley manages the logistical planning of the events. And Brandon is a guide and advisory to the younger students. The brothers took up suitable leadership positions as soon as they were able to in the new place.




Disha Mazumder


Disha Mazumder
Disha Mazumder

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