Foster care for the youth in Boston


Foster care for the youth in Boston

There are very few who deviate from their already decided career paths and choose to walk towards contributing themselves for a social cause. One such graduate of the Northeastern University  left his admission to many top schools of law and chose to spend a year on launching a non-profit organisation. This organisation provides practical life skills and emotional stability to help and support youths of Boston.


Marquis Cabrera is the one mentioned above who tried to improve the lives of these foster children. He himself grew up in a drug and poverty-stricken background and was in foster care for a few years, after which he was adopted by a couple from Scotchtown. To own and accomplish his aim, Marquis founded Foster Skills Inc. It welcomed its first class of students who will continue with the organisation from high school to college.


A very less percentage of students under foster care get the opportunity to graduate after college. The process for Cabrera was also difficult. While he worked in the co-op jobs at the City Year, White house, and Massachusetts Courts of Appeals, he met many  youths for lunch or a simple walk. Some faced a critical time, as they were abandoned as teenagers and then were adopted by couples. “We talked about the feelings of being left in the dark and how that feels, and I worked to  normalise those feelings,” Cabrera said.


He has been successful in doing and achieving his goal with the help of various resources. Foster’s skills  have attracted the attention of many political leaders, business executives, and non-profit organisations. They have all voluntarily reached out to form partnerships with Cabrera’s organisation of foster care. Apart from this, Northeastern University provided a support system and a complete social structure which helped him to put together a “rock star staff and advisory board”.


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Akshara Palshetkar
Akshara Palshetkar

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