Dancing as a career: what after that?

Life after dancing

Dancing as a career: what after that?

Any type of performing art, be it sports, dancing, or singing, etc., usually comes with early retirement. Most artists struggle to find work after that to make ends meet. They can coach other people but that does not have as many opportunities. Most professionals don’t have any other degree or the experience required to enter a new field or look for a job.


Northeastern University recently started a programme for such artists to learn something new and train them in fields they can work in after their retirement. This partnership between Northeastern University and Boston Ballet studio is to provide graduate and post-graduate degrees to dancers is inspiring. This helps the artist get back on their feet after their careers in dancing. It would help them in getting a job and keep supporting their families.


“Henri, Jack, and our institutions share a dedication to excellence, culture, education, and the growth of the human spirit,” said Joseph E. Aoun, president of Northeastern University. “This partnership is exemplary of academia and the arts advancing the future of human talent.” Jack R. Meyer is the CEO of Convexity Capital Management. Henri Termeer is the former CEO and chairman of Genzyme Corporation and a pioneer in developing and delivering treatments for rare genetic diseases.


While dancers may be at the top of their profession, many hold college degrees with dancing being such a demanding profession. This makes it very difficult to get jobs after retirement from dancing. Steps like these are necessary and help people create their own identities and make their way in the world.


“The future of our industry depends on the talent of our dancers. Our ability to attract, retain, and educate a world-class dance force will ensure the sustainability of not only Boston Ballet—but the arts industry as a whole”, says Boston Ballet executive director, Barry Hughson and sees the partnership as a crucial evolution of the dance business model.


Anushka Singh

Anushka Singh
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